Hey, MyFacers! Now, if you're familar with the books in the series, and the new movie of the Hunger Games, say "I". (It doesn't matter if you said that or not, it just matters if you know what we mean!

The Hunger Games (2012)Edit

Summary of The GamesEdit

The Hunger Games is an annual event in the post - apocalyptic world of Panem; in the book series and the movies. During the Hunger Games, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 - 18 (that district's tributes) are chosen in an annual lottery at each of the empire's twelve districts to compete in a fight to the death on live TV. There is only one victor who is not killed by natural causes or by other tributes. The victor is then put into a life of riches and wealth, and the admiration of all the other citizens of their district ruled by an empire called the Capitol.

Plot SymphasisEdit

The Hunger Games book series follows the adventures of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), two tributes from the twelfth district of Panem. They are reaped into the Games (Katniss volunteers) and are soon whisked away to the very
evil yet sophisticated Capitol. Their opening chariot rides start with an extravagant light--being Katniss and Peeta! They are soon concieved as the star-crossed lovers of District Twelve and a rebellion starts.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)Edit

If you saw The Hunger Games, then you're in luck! the brand new, action-packed, Catching Fire film comes out
on November 22, 2013! It is the sequel to the original movie, and has a whole new cast. All characters (such as Gale, Katniss, Peeta, Prim, Snow, etc.) will star actors reprising their roles. New characters and actors are listed below...
Character Home Portrayal
Finnick Odair District 4 Sam Claflin
Johanna Mason District 7 Jena Malone
Wiress District 3 Amanda Plummer
Mags District 4 Lynn Cohen
Beetee District 3 Jeffrey Wright
Plutarch Heavensbee The Capitol Philip Seymour Hoffman
Enobaria District 2 Meta Golding

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