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Welcome to MyFace!

Hey, everybody...and welcome to MyFace--the ONLY place where you can share vids, profiles, pics, and comment on your faves! And the gr8 thing: its completely free (and fun)! So grab a soda, eat some chips, and hop down in front of your computer to spend some time w/ your friends! See you on my face :P

The 3 Rules of MyFace:

  • Respect others. Never say something on anyone's page, video, pic, etc. that you wouldn't say to them in person.
  • Don't upload anything inappropriate. If you do so, it will be removed IMMEDIATELY.
  • Don't misuse your account. Hacking into other people's accounts (aka Cyber-Bulling) will NOT BE TOLERATED. If you do not follow this simple rule, what you have said will be deleted and you will be notified.

Refusing to follow these rules will lead to the "Three Strikes" policy: If you break a rule once you will be notified, if you break one of these rules a second time you will be warned on your User's Page, if you break one of these rules THREE TIMES--you will have an email sent to a parent--you're account will be deleted--and you will not be able to access MyFace for a minimum of 30 days.

Thank You, and enjoy MyFace!

Our Funny "Inspiration"

When old Mrs. Higgenbottom went on Facebook, she had heard about MySpace earlier that morning, and her first tweet was, "I'm on MyFace, you're on MyFace, Carl's Dad is on MyFace--EVERYBODY's on MyFace!" Thus, "MyFace" was born...

A Letter From the Editors


This guy's Caleb. He helps us create our AWESOME sites and their sweet logos!

Hey everybody on MyFace and pepes thinking about joining it! If you are wondering why we created MyFace, your answer is but a sentence away:

Sooo...many people in Mason, Caleb , and I's classes argued about how their parents wouldn't let them get on Facebook, so we decided to help them--this website is the result

We created MyFace! Ain't we handsome :P

of what happened. It is a free, safe, fun, easy-to-use social networking wiki where kids can upload pics, vids, profiles, and such under their parents' permission! It is always updating, monitored 24/7, and we have atleast five new users joining each day! That's pretty good for a website created by three teens! So join today and enjoy exactly what kids are enjoying right now by the click of a button! Thank you for checking out MyFace :]

10 Reasons You Should Join MyFace

1) It's fun, safe, and easy-to-use!

2) 96% of MyFace users are satisfied along with their parents!

3) You can easily upload videos, pictures, and status updates by the click of a button!

4) It was created by kids just like you!

5) It is monitored 24/7 so that no one posts anything innapropriate such as unnecessary comments or media.

6) You can create a profile or fanpage and share info with your friends!

7) You can write a big blog or create a small blogpost to share with friends!

8) MyFace is and always will be free.

9) Depending on how awesome your uploads are, they could be featured on the front page of the wiki!

10) MyFace will soon be expanded into a website that can be used all around the world!!


We have chosen the funniest video on MyFace so far, and here's the winner....
Weird Spies Trailer

Weird Spies Trailer




Featured Page

Hey, MyFacers! Are you excited for the new Hunger Games movie to come out? I know I am! Well, our friends on the

wiki have created a fanpage for the awesome series and

OMG!! Soooo excited for the new film....

movie, and you guys should totally check it out! To the side is one of the original posters.

New Ideas

  • A page all about birds
  • A video of you eating the world's biggest sandwich
  • A game that tests your knowledge of fried chicken
  • A trailer for a new movie coming this year!
  • A poster for the newest Super Mario video game
  • A picture of you on a huge roller coaster
  • A list of every book you've ever read
  • Seven pictures for every day of the week
  • A video of a sneezing kitty
  • A random assortment of numbers
  • A Can You Find It? Picture
  • A commercial for M&M's
  • A picture of a ZEBRA!

New Poll

Here's a question for you, MyFacers...

There is a HUGE fight going on at our school, so tell us what you think....

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