We just got our new little black lab at seven weeks old....I'll keep yall posted :)



Me & My Little Man!

Well...grew up in a small town, went to school, lived a normal life, created MyFace--you know, the average everyday kid :)


Bailey-Bop's Face

It's my face!

Maserito's Face

Jenny Moore's Face

Madi's Face

Caleb N's Face

Ten Slate's Face

JoJo G's Face

Morganita's Face

Kettlecorn's Face

Sutton's Face

Sydney Irv 

Sadler's Face


MyFavorite things to do in my freetime is to create websites, film w/ MyFriends, and just spend time w/ MyFamily!



I have 296 followers #awesome #kid


My new favorite vid is the "Call Me Maybe" cover feat. Carlos Pena, Justin Bieber, Ashley Tisdale, and other zany celebs!

I also love A Raining Moment: Stuffed Animals because I just so happened to film it :)

I like the music video "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift

I think the trailer for Weird Spies is funny, cuz I'm in it!

Do you LOVE the "Quick Change" Artists as much as I do?!


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