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The OK (Olivias & Kyleigh) Show is a comedy show on MyFace that consists of webisodes that include Dramatic Shorts by Everyone, Retarded-Like Skits by Sarah Olivia, News Interviews by Kyleigh, and Guest Stars with Olivia. It was created by Jacob and Darpan, and so Jacob was boosted up to the technical producer of the show. It has a live stream on MyFace every Friday/Wednesday night, so check back every week for a new webisode!

The Better Than Just OK Cast :PEdit


One of the main stars of the show. She is the everlaughing, lovable, curly-haired comedic one of the three.The werid Of the Three


Another one of the main stars of the show. She is unusually sassy, mean to Jacob, and odd one of the three.The Hippo Lover of the three.


This girl could definately stand out in a crowd! With her white-ish blonde hair, she is the most dramatic person in the whole show.The Blindding Hair ahhhh!! I'm blinded by the light!!


As the person who created the show, it would be totally unreasonable not to recognize this fine young man. With his charm, intelligence, and good looks, he is definately a show-stopper, even behind the camera ;)

Guest StarsEdit

Friends, enemies, geeks, jocks--whoever guest stars on The OK Show is sure to bring the house down!

I'm a Friend my name is Katie

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Now that you know about the OK Show, it would be even more than just OK to tell your friends about it!!! So what are you waiting for? Tell everyone you know about our show, and make sure to comment, rate, and subscribe to our newest webisodes on MyFace and YouTube! Thanks, and TTYL! BRB :D